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Using Bunches Web 🌐
On a laptop or desktop? Have an Android but wanna chat? Here's how to use Bunches Web

Should I use Bunches Web or the Bunches app?

We recommend using Bunches Web to chat if you don't have an iPhone or want to easily access Bunches while using a laptop or desktop.
Bunches Web is also where Bunch Creators can manage their Bunches, get analytics, see their earnings and more in the Bunches Creator dashboard!

How do I log into Bunches Web?

Access Bunches Web anytime by tapping on Login on the Bunches website at Bunches.chat!

How do I update my profile on Bunches Web?

Update your profile on Bunches Web by tapping on your profile photo in the top right corner! Tap Edit Profile to change your profile photo, cover photo, add your details, socials and even add links to your profile!

How do I start a Bunch on Bunches Web?

You start a Bunch from Bunches Web by tapping on the pink Start a Bunch button in the top right of the browser!
Once you complete your Bunch onboarding details, your Bunch will appear right there in your Bunch list.
Last modified 5mo ago