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Subscribing to a Paid Bunch πŸ’¬
You just subscribed to a Bunch - awesome! Here are some frequently asked questions about Bunch subscriptions.

How do I subscribe to a Bunch?

Subscribing to a paid Bunch is easy using Apple Pay or Stripe!
To subscribe to a paid Bunch, find the Bunch in Discover or the Bunches Creator link and tap Subscribe!β€Œ
Each Creator sets a monthly price for members to join their Bunch and members purchase Cab, the currency at Bunches, to subscribe to their favorite Creators.β€Œ
Every Cab is worth $1.99 and when your subscription ends, simply tap on the Bunch in your Bunch list to easily resubscribe!
Bunches subscriptions use Apple Pay and Stripe to ensure security and make it as easy as possible to join your favorite Creators!

I just subscribed to a Bunch, what happens now?

Congrats on joining your new Bunch. When you subscribe to a Bunch you get access to the group chat for the amount of time you've subscribed for.
Your subscription payment gets sent to the Creator of the Bunch and you get access to an awesome community! Win win.

Do Bunches subscriptions auto-renew?

Bunches subscriptions do not auto-renew.
Easily renew any Bunch subscription by tapping on it from your Bunch list and tapping Renew Subscription!
Didn't love the Bunch? Just tap leave Bunch and find others to join!
Last modified 2mo ago