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How Paid Bunches Work πŸ’²
Thinking of starting a paid Bunch? Here's how paid Bunches work and what you can do start and grow your paid group chat!

How do paid Bunches work?

Easily set the price to join your Bunch!
Paid Bunches are group chats that Creators set a monthly subscription fee in order for members to join.
Bunches sends Creators their earnings every month based on how many subscribers the Creator's Bunch has gotten!
For the duration of our beta, Bunches are completely free for Creators to start and run and Bunches doesn't take a platform fee.
Whatever revenue a Creator earns in their Bunch goes straight to them!

How do I get subscribers to join my Bunch?

The first step in growing any Bunch is coming up with an awesome topic to chat about with your followers. What do they love? What would they want to pay for?
Once you have great answers to those questions, launch your paid Bunch and share it on socials with your followers, friends and fans and watch the Bunch start to grow!
Not sure you're ready for a paid Bunch?
Start a free Bunch to learn how the Bunches work and start building your community! You can always transition to a paid Bunch a little later down the road!

How do payments work on Bunches?

Payments work on Bunches via ACH wire transfer from Bunches to paid Bunch Creators. Bunch Creators are paid on the 15th, starting 30 days after the first paying subscriber joins their Bunch.
For example: If you start a paid Bunch on Aug 1, you would receive your first Bunches payout on September 15th via ACH transfer.

I started a paid Bunch, what's next?

Fill out your payment details here and you'll receive a confirmation email from Bunches that we've received your details!
You'll also receive an email and a notification every time you get a new subscriber!

What is Cab?

Cab is Bunches' in-app currency
To subscribe to paid Bunches, users on Bunches purchase Cab, the currency on the Bunches app.
When members subscribe to your paid Bunch, they'll send you Cab in order to join.
Each Cab you earn is worth $1.99 and you can always check your Cab balance in your Creator dashboard on Bunches Web.
Cab is cashed out on the 15th of every month to paid Bunch Creators!

What is the Bunches Creator Dashboard?

The Bunches Creator Dashboard is your online hub for managing your Bunch.
In the Creator Dashboard, you can see stats on your Bunch such as your earnings, active members, amount of messages sent, viewers per message, your Cab balance and more!
The Creator Dashboard also gives you an easy way to message your Bunch from a laptop, desktop, or on your phone if you don't have the Bunches app!
The Bunches Creator Dashboard is included for free for all Bunch Creators. You can access it at the Bunches website at any time or by clicking here!

Where can I see my Bunches earnings?

Every Creator on Bunches can always see their earnings online in the Bunches Creator Dashboard. Check out the Creator Dashboard that has your Cab earnings and Bunch analytics here!
The Bunches Creator Dashboard

I haven't received my Bunches earnings this month, what should I do?

Oh no! Contact us at [email protected] and we'll make sure your earnings get to you. This may occur if you don't fill out your Bunches payment details here!
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