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How $CHAT Works πŸ’²
Want to earn $CHAT and win crypto rewards on Bunches? Learn more about $CHAT Bunches in-app token here and the ways to earn it!
What is $CHAT?
$CHAT is Bunches' in-app token.
$CHAT is the native token of Bunches! Think of $CHAT like a video game token that you earn as you chat with others on Bunches, grow the app, and contribute to the conversation!

How do I earn $CHAT?

All Bunches users can earn $CHAT by contributing to the conversations happening on the app, sharing their favorite Bunches with friends, starting Bunches, and sending out awesome content. You can always check your $CHAT balance in your wallet on the Bunches App and on Bunches Web!

What can I do with $CHAT?

Users on Bunches win rewards in Ethereum when they earn $CHAT on the app. You can always check your wallet for the current rewards and the different ways to earn $CHAT on Bunches!


Last modified 1mo ago