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Getting Started on Bunches πŸ‡
Ready to start your Bunch? Learn how to start your Bunch and check out some frequently asked questions when getting started on Bunches.

How do I start a Bunch?

Starting a Bunch is the first step in building your community on Bunches. To start a Bunch, tap here and get your group chat started!
Your Bunch is your space for (almost) anything!

How do I share my Bunch?

Once you've started your Bunch, you'll get a specific link to share with your followers, friends, and fans that takes them directly to your group chat on Bunches.
Share your Bunch link on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or via text and watch your community start to grow!
Share Bunches across all your socials and watch your group grow!

What kind of Bunch should I start?

Bunches can be either Public or Secret and it's totally up to you as the Bunch Creator to shape your Bunch into the type of group chat you'd like!
Your Bunch, your way.

Where can I assign roles and manage my Bunch?

The Bunches Creator Dashboard is your online hub for managing your Bunch.
In the Creator Dashboard, you can see stats on your Bunch, active members, amount of messages sent, viewers per message, and assign roles to members of your Bunch.
The Creator Dashboard also gives you an easy way to message your Bunch from a laptop, desktop, or on your phone if you don't have the Bunches app!
The Bunches Creator Dashboard is included for free for all Bunch Creators. You can access it at the Bunches website at any time or by clicking here!

How do I change my Bunches' cover photo?

To change your Bunches' cover photo, tap on your Bunch from your Bunch list and tap on the icon in the top right corner, there you'll be able to edit your Bunch details! You can also hop into your Bunches Creator Dashboard on Bunches Web by logging in here and tapping Manage.

What should I chat with my Bunch about?

There are all sorts of Bunches with different topics and different amounts of chatter.
As a Bunch creator, you can determine how often you want to chat with your Bunch, but we've found it best to keep your Bunch updated daily on what you're working on, excited about, or loving!

How do I get my Bunch featured on Discover?

Bunches that are featured on Discover are currently handpicked by the Bunches team! Want your Bunch featured on Discover?
​Let us know! ​

Why should I start a Bunch?

Bunches are the easiest way to communicate with and build a community of your closest followers, friends and fans.
Bunch Creators use Bunches to share their latest videos, products, and ideas with their Bunch in a safe and fun environment!