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What can I send in a Bunch?

Bunches support photos and gifs right now, with video coming πŸ”œ
When typing on Bunches, you can tag other users by "@"ing them and they'll get notified that they were mentioned.
Want to get the attention of the whole Bunch? Type @here or @bunch and everyone will get a notification that they were mentioned!

How do I join a Bunch?

Find and join new Bunches on Discover!
Easily join any Bunch by finding it in Discover or by tapping on the Bunches' link and tapping join!

How do I subscribe to a paid Bunch?

To subscribe to a paid Bunch, find the Bunch in Discover or the Bunches' link and tap Subscribe!
Easily subscribe to any paid Bunch
Each Creator sets a monthly price for members to join their Bunch and members purchase Cab, the currency at Bunches, to subscribe to their favorite Creators.
Every Cab is worth $1.99 and when your subscription ends, simply tap on the Bunch in your Bunch list to easily resubscribe!
Renew your subscriptions to Bunches you love!

How do I leave a Bunch?

Long press on any Bunch in your Bunch list to leave
To leave a bunch, simply long press on it from your Bunch list and you'll see a menu pop up that says "Leave Bunch!" If you want to re-join and the Bunch is public just hop back in!

How do I react to a message in Bunches?

Long press on any message on Bunches to react!
Long press any message to make the Reactions menu pop up! Add your reaction and it'll appear under the message you reacted to.

How do I see who reacted to my message on Bunches?

Long press on a reaction to see who reacted to any message!
Long press the Reactions under any message to see the Reactors list on any message on Bunches!

I forgot my password, what should I do?

If you forgot your password and signed up with a phone number, tap forgot password when you log in and you'll be texted a code with a verification number! Easily reset your password once you input that code.
If you didn't sign up with a phone number, email us here and we'll happily reset your password!
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