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Welcome to the Bunches Help HQ πŸ‡ Here you'll find answers to frequently asked questions, tricks and tips for starting and running your Bunch, and more!

What are Bunches?

Bunches are free or paid group chats about anything. Start your Bunch about a topic you're passionate about, share your link, and watch your Bunch start to grow.
On Bunches, everyone has a username, no phone numbers are shared and you can follow and connect with others on the app easily!
How Bunches group chats work!

How do I start a Bunch?

Start your Bunch here on either Web or iOS and easily share your Bunch with your followers across socials to start chatting with your closest followers friends and fans!

How do I find Bunches to join?

Finding Bunches to join is easy! You can always join a Bunch by visiting a Creator's Bunch link or by visiting Bunches Discover.
Discover new group chats on Bunches
Bunches Discover is hand picked by the Bunches team so take a look, find the group chats you find interesting, and jump right in!

What are paid Bunches?

How paid Bunches work
Paid Bunches are group chats that require a subscription for members to join. This subscription fee goes to the Bunch creator.
All subscriptions on Bunches are run through Apple Pay or Stripe to make it as easy as possible to join your favorite paid Bunches!

Are all Bunches Public?

Make your Bunch Public or Secret
Some Bunches are Public and some are Secret!
Secret Bunches are a great way to build a low key community. When you start a Secret Bunch, only members with the link can join your Bunch!

Can I start more than one Bunch?

Yes! Everyone on Bunches can start as many Bunches as they'd like about whatever they're into.
Many creators start one free Bunch for their general audience and a paid Bunch for their closest followers and fans!

Is Bunches available on Android?

Bunches is currently available on the App Store and on Web.
Want Bunches for Android? Let us know here!

How can I reach the Bunches team?

The Bunches team is always accessible by messaging your chat with us in the app. If email is more your speed, email us at anytime at [email protected]!
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